Letting The World Know

A good Public Relations (PR) team shares and communicates the value of their organization to the outside world in a compelling way with impactful and inspirational stories and images.

The heart and soul of  Toastmasters International’s mission is to provide and foster a supportive environment where members can find their voice and share their stories.


As I clarified in my mind the message I want to share with the world about Toastmasters, I wrote this short poem.

 “How lives are changed

How barriers are overcome

How bridges are built

How connections are made

How fear is tamed

How dreams are realized

How goals are reached

How friends are made

How community is strengthened.

At Toastmasters, I am letting the world know,

How Leaders are Made.”

This year marks my 20-year anniversary at Toastmasters and I am honored and excited to be the Public Relations Officer (PRO) for District 26.

Please share with me your stories about ways in which being a member of Toastmasters has benefited you and others you know in Toastmasters.  Reach me at Pro1415@d26leaders.org .



2 thoughts on “Letting The World Know

  1. Hi Brenda – I enjoyed your presentation this past Saturday and am happy to be a part of the public relations team. I have been a member of Toastmasters for about a year but the club I initially joined was not very welcoming. A few months later I found another club, Apple Polishers, and they have opened the door to all the wonderful possibilities inherent in Toastmasters. I look forward to the meetings and we are all growing and learning in a fun and supportive environment.

  2. Very cool poem. I am doing my third club officer training event break out session tomorrow. I will read your poem and give you proper attribution! Sam Thacker, Area Governor D55 L73.

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