Pairing Passions

I love alliteration, especially when it involves the letter “P”.  That is why I am particularly pleased to share with you the idea that pairing your passions can improve your performance and purpose.  I’ve recently done this matchmaking of interests and have been enjoying myself so much more than before.

 The pairing of passions can help anyone and I have two specific audiences in mind as I write this blog.  One is for the beginner speaker at Toastmasters and the other is the person in going through the dreaded “mid-life crisis”.  I’ll start with the neophyte communicator who often seems to struggle and stress over what their first speech topic should be.  During many a mentor session with new Toastmasters I always go back to the question “ What do you love to do on the weekends when you are not working?” and this usually leads to a smile and a fun and interesting idea for a speech topic.  You see, it is so much easier to talk about something you know well or have a strong interest in rather than gutting your way through a topic that you have no connection to. When the words come from your heart they tend to flow more smoothly and your ability to connect with the audience is greatly enhanced.  Plus it is just more fun!

For those who feel like their lives don’t have enough deep or higher purpose, I submit that when you pair up some of your passions, you will have an increased level of satisfaction and happiness in your pursuits.


My passion pairing occurred last year when, after 18 years of giving general speeches at my Toastmaster clubs, I decided to branch out into the community and focus my communication and leadership skills on helping veterans and their families.  I became an active member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 1 in Denver and was quickly appointed as the Public Affair Officer.  Now my speeches, PR and marketing efforts are more specialized and directed.  I have more enthusiasm in my endeavors because I am speaking and leading with a purpose. My passion for communicating is combined with my strong desire to assist my fellow veterans and the coalescence is powerful and potent (again with the “Ps”).

Just for fun, here are some examples of paired passions that I’ve seen or pursued:

  • Photography and cycling or hiking
  • Public speaking and community activism
  • Storytelling and community outreach
  • Travel and food
  • Food and sex (made for a great Seinfeld episode!)
  • Bowling and social bonding
  • Horses and helping children
  • Reading, book clubs and wine
  • Tandem Bicycling and wine tours (the captain is the designated driver)

I hope that this idea of “Passion Pairing” has sparked some creative ideas about what excites or drives.  Please share your thoughts and comments about your inspirations with me and those following this blog.


One thought on “Pairing Passions

  1. What a wonderful positive way to speak to your passions and openly share personal aspirations. In such an arrogant, cynical, self-serving society, I absolutely adore your efforts in reminding friends of the beautiful, awesome world we live through….sharing, caring, and inspiring. Truly contagious, too. We can ALL preserve and grow the world’s magnificence for our next generations, simply one sentence at a time.

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